Fields of expertise

Doron Aroosi & Co. Law Office has extensive professional experience in insolvency. Advocate Doron Aroosi is a member of the Receivership and Insolvency Committee of the Israel Bar and serves in various cases as an officer, special manager and trustee in bankruptcy cases, as trustee for the promotion and execution of creditors’ arrangements and as liquidator of companies (e.g. – Zamarot Bonei Haaretz company – from the Hefziba companies group; Nahman Besserglick company; Rehovot tiling and building materials cooperative; Poster Media (Israel) company, Eliyahu Spector & Co. company and more).

In the majority of cases during insolvency proceedings complex legal issues from various legal fields arise (e.g. security and property law, contract law, assignment of obligations law, land law, unjust enrichment law and other fields – and this is only a partial list) which require deep understanding and much experience, both from the material professional side as well as from the aspect of identifying the various interests of the multiple parties involved in each case, each pulling its own way. Our office has extensive experience in the application of the law in such complex proceedings, all with the requisite patience and understanding of the broad picture.

In the framework of insolvency proceedings, our office represents and advises (where necessary with full discretion) also creditors of different classes (e.g. secured creditors or unsecured creditors) and interested parties.

Alongside the bankruptcy field, which is a broad foundation for various legal fields, our office has vast experience in representing clients in various courts and tribunals, trusts, contracts and representation in auctions of clients who wish to maintain their privacy.

In addition, our office has vast professional experience in the banking field, including representation and legal advice from the preliminary stages prior to taking legal action and if required, until the exhaustion of the appropriate legal proceedings.